When you need professional engineers to assist with your property needs or construction projects, you can rely on the expert advice and solutions provided by our nationally accredited engineers. At PTC Group of Companies, we are not only engineers but also designers who proactively offer collaborative, innovative and cost saving solutions to our clients.

PTC is in the market for long-term growth. Our team are built with sustainability in mind. Our Engineering team (PTC Consulting Engineers) is able offer the following engineering services for our client;


  • Geotech investigation/borehole drilling and reporting (PHD Geologist)
  • Civil/stormwater/flood study
  • Structural feasibility study

CC stage

  • Structural engineering (including shoring, and PT specialist service)
  • Civil and stormwater design
  • Full M.E.P. engineering service coordination
  • Dilapidation report

Construction stage

  • RC or PT slab detailing
  • Site inspections and certifications
  • Geotech inspection to confirm ground conditions
  • Temporary works design

We always put the architectural intent and client’s expectation on top of our list of any project/element we work on.  We look forward for opportunities on any future collaborations.

PTC can offer you our structural engineering consulting and design expertise in:

  • New luxury homes development
  • New mid to large residential development
  • New commercial development
  • New industrial development
  • Existing structure strengthening and rectification
  • Fit-out/renovation projects

We specialise in the following design and reporting services:

  • Post-tensioned and Prestressed systems (slab or vertical structural elements)
  • Post-tensioned slab-on-ground systems (widely used in heavy duty industrial warehouses)
  • Steelwork structures including beams, columns and whole roof or warehouse portal frames (hot-rolled or light-gauge)
  • Retention/shoring systems/Ground Anchoring
  • Conventionally reinforced concrete slab design
  • Retaining walls
  • Temporary works (scaffolding support frame, temporary propping for construction loading and etc.)
  • Balustrade and edge protection structure
  • Long-span and cantilevered structures (Truss, Arch, Cable-stay, Pre-camber)
  • Precast concrete systems
  • Foundation systems
  • Metal ribbed flooring systems (Bondek, Kingflor, Condek and etc.)
  • Building strengthening
  • Value engineering (cost-saving analysis)
  • Driveway and customised carport
  • Existing wall removal
  • CAD drafting services
  • Building defect inspection and reporting
  • Structural performance specification
  • Dilapidation reports (to meet Council, utilities and insurance requirement)