Burnsbay Rd at Lane Cove by Alliance Property Group has been completed.

PTC take great pride in their work, as demonstrated in the quality delivery of the design and construct scope at our Burnsbay Rd, Lane Cove project. The PTC team took every measure to ensure our project was delivered according to schedule, and installed with great care and safety in mind. The project management team took coordination and transparency very seriously, making for a seamless experience that I could personally recommend.

Berhan Kassem


New Project Awarded: Macquarie St, Parramatta by Toplace

We would like to think the relationship between Toplace and PTC is akin to that of old friends. Our latest collaboration demonstrates their unrelenting ambition – a twin tower high rise development in the heart of Parramatta that sums to over 60 levels – all post tensioned. We are extremely proud to be the team trusted with the operations and installation of this immense project, and as with every other Toplace project – demonstrate that we are the team that can meet these staggering challenges head on.


The PTC Civil department are also completing steel fixing and shotcreting services.

PANO_20151125_133852 (3)

New Project Awarded: Imperial at Hurstville by Alliance Property Group

PTC are proud to continue their relationship with the Alliance Project Group at their new Treacy St Hurstville project. The apartment towers – aptly named ‘Imperial’ are garnering much admiration for their masterful architectural design. The design and construction works that have been awarded to PTC, and will be no less impressive. This project amasses to more than 50000m2 of area to be skilfully designed, and then expertly installed by the hard working on site team. No doubt that it will be as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside!




New Project Awarded: Canterbury Rd, Canterbury by Toplace

Another Toplace and PTC collaboration, this project is showing off quite a few of our civil, design and installation services. So far the civil works have included the design and supply of: temporary strand rock anchors in very hard sandstone, bored piles (more than 149), detail excavation, steel fixing, shotcreting, and capping beam.

PTC have also been awarded the post tensioning install for this project.






New Project Awarded: Anzac Parade, Kensington by TQM

This is our second major project with TQM (our first was Victoria St, Burwood). We are very pleased to have been called in to collaborate again, and even more so pleased at our glowing reference:

“Compliments are unfortunately very rare in this industry that is quick to complain and criticise. We are all very pleased with PTC’s performance here at TQM from the directors through to the management on site.

Keep up the good work. 

You have outperformed larger multinational PT companies used in the past and delivered the promises you pledged at the beginning”

~Sam Chehab

Hutchinson Builders have awarded PTC the design and construct of the post tension for their Asquith project.

We are very excited to continue our working relationship with Hutchinson Builders, another highly regarded Australian builder. The PTC team will continue doing what we do best – providing quality design and installation works in a timely fashion.

Project Awarded: Tyler St Campbelltown by Trinity

PTC are glad to announce another project awarded by Trinity, this time it is at Tyler St Campbelltown. PTC have undertaken the civil foundation works: piling, capping beam, anchoring, and shotcreting. Finally we are also very proud to announce that the post tension design and construct subconstract works have also been awarded to PTC.



Icon Co have awarded PTC the design and construct of the post tension for their Bosco Apartments development.

PTC are very happy to announce the beginning of a new working relationship with Icon Co. It is very exciting to be acknowledged, and awarded the design and construct of the post tensioning works for such a highly regarded builder.

Our first collaboration will be for the new Bosco apartment project at Five Dock, where PTC will be providing the design, supply and installation works for this great new development. We hope to demonstrate just why we are the team to select when looking for capable, timely and friendly service.

New Project Awarded: Talavera Rd, North Ryde by Holdmark

A proud, continued alliance between two great companies – PTC will provide the supply and installation services for Holdmark’s office complex development at Talavera Rd North Ryde.

The PTC installation team expect to deliver a timely and expert installation of over thirty tonnes of post tensioned strand.

ADCO have awarded PTC the design and construct of the post tension for their Woolworths Nelson Bay project.

PTC are proud to announce a new working relationship with ADCO Construct – a very well established Australian builder.

The design and installation works to be carried out are immense – the entire trading floor is projected to total 40 tonnes of post tensioned strands – a sum normally allowed to a small building with multiple suspended slabs.